Outline of my story

Original idea: “Dancing with the Death”

Empty dark room, a character is sat by an old table which is full of old papers and empty bottles. He looks miserable and depressed. His clothes seemed to be dirty, his hair is unkempt. We can see some pictures on the wall, of him and his wife that has left him. It’s very quiet until suddenly he hears knocking to the door. He is puzzled because he doesn’t get many visitors. He hesitates but decided to open the door. He opens it and regrets it instantly. It’s the Reaper/Death. The music starts playing(Beethoven’s 5th Symphony). The struggle with the Death continues, but it has a form of a dance. Eventually the main character would manage to push the antagonist behind the door and close it.

As you can see the ending was pretty anticlimactic therefore I’ve decided to modify it a little bit.

The protagonist, Shaun, a male in his 30’s,  is alone in his flat. It’s very dark and full of rubbish, old newspapers and empty bottles. Except few candles the only light source is an old floor lamp. There are pictures on the wall of him and his wife but she’s nowhere to be seen. He hears knocking to the door, even that he’s hesitated he decides to open it. And then we see her. Shaun’s wife, Jill, turns out to be a zombie. The couple fights and “dances” around the  room until Shaun manages to push her outside. He closes the door, leans on it and sighs. Then he looks over at the wall covered in the pictures of them two before his wife became a zombie. This could be the final shot before the credits, or a slow pan to the window where we would be able to see a destroyed city in flames.

I’ve mentioned newspapers as I would like to used them to foreshadow what’s going to happen. At the beginning, while the camera moves we could see headlines such as: “Mysterious disease found in England”, “New victims of the mysterious disease!”, “Martial law introduced by the government!”.


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