Short Animation Analysis

“Shave It”(3Dar Studios, 2013) is a short animation telling a story of a monkey and how its life has changed after it found a shaving machine. In the beginning we meet the character jumping around the jungle, he finds a lost bag and quickly proceeds to looking what’s inside. At this point it’s worth mentioning that in the background we can see things like an empty bottle, a mirror or dj decks, things that don’t belong to the jungle, so I am guessing that it’s not a first time out character found some lost baggage. He goes through the stuff in the bag but it’s the shaving machine that really catches his attention(close up shot of his face). When he turns it on it reminds him of bulldozers destroying his forest, which clearly makes him angry(close up on his eye). At this point the character decides to use it and shave his fur off. In the next shot we see a new monkey, now he’s trying to imitate being human, he’s wearing clothes and going on a bus to work, and in the background we can see how his jungle is being destroyed. Then we see him getting higher in his company’s structure, to the point when I presume he becomes a CEO. It’s also worth noting that even that he’s trying to be human he still acts a lot like an ape, for example while he’s working, not only is he using his arms and hands but also he uses his legs. There are also shots of him hanging on the top of the building, watching over the city that he now lives. What’s worth noting is how his appearance and his expressions change when he gets promoted. He acts more and more like a human. It all goes on like this until he sees a playground that reminds him of him being a young monkey and how bulldozers destroyed his jungle. Something in him snaps and he goes back to being his old self. We can also see that he’s now trying to act human in front of people but when he’s alone he acts just like a monkey(a shot of him walking in a corridor). Now we can see his master project, a gigantic shaving machine that instead of cutting hair is destroying the city. We can also see new trees and flowers growing in place of the old buildings, and by the end the entire city is replaced with a new and colourful jungle. The last shot that we see is the main character, monkey but he’s no longer pretending to be human as his fur is grown back.


Other shorts I looked at:



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