Modelling character

Few weeks ago Andy gave us two drawing of a character he’s drawn and asked us to model it in Maya. Below you can see my progress. I actually have done three different models by now, as I wasn’t satisfied with the results I was getting and it also gave me extra practice.

First attempt:

average_joe_1 average_joe_hand1 average_joe_hand2 average_joe_hand2_smooth average_joe_issues_with_vertex

As you can see I had an issue with my vertexes when I was trying to mirror the head. At that time I thought that while modelling I did something wrong so I’ve decided to start over and create a new head.

average_joe_new_head average_joe_new_head_works average_joe_2

So here even that I managed to get the vertexes right(it turned out to be a threshold issue while merging them. I changed it and it worked fine) the character still looked quiet odd. I was using a different technique to create eyelids and it didn’t match the original drawing. Also his neck looked very squarey and I didn’t like it. So again I’ve started the model again.

newer_average_joe_leg newer_average_joe_leg_arm newer_average_joe_leg_arm_smoothed newer_average_joe_handjpg newer_average_joe_hand_smooth newer_average_joe_hand_thumb newer_average_joe

Here’s the latest version which I am quiet happy with, even though the hands seemed to be too large. There are still some issues, his body still looks “boxy” so I will have to work on this. I will try to fix it this week and also model his new head.


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