Scriptwriting: Development of my story

After getting some feedback on my initial story I’ve realised how much more I need to put into it. While discussing my idea about the character not realising that his wife is now a zombie and only audience knowing what is going on(because of the reflection in the mirror) I got another idea that changes my story. I decided to abandon the zombie idea and go into a different direction. Now my story is about a man who needs lost his wife in a car accident that he was responsible for and can’t cope with the guilt and needs redemption. The script would be similar to my previous idea, a lonely character in a room. He walks into a room and from the start we can see that he is depressed. It would be just after his wife’s wake ceremony. He looks around a room and sees few pictures of them two together. At this point I was thinking about doing a short flashback scene which could have show how these two met. This would give audience more reason to empathise with the character.  I was also thinking about doing few more flashback, maybe two or three but I’m afraid it would resemble opening scene of “Up” too much. Also it would make the whole animation more complicated to make and it would much longer than I initially planned. Anyway, going back to the story, he would sat by the table and start drinking, then try to turn his radio on but it would work so to fix it he would hit it. The song that reminds him of his wife comes on. Then he hears a knocking to the door, he is puzzled but opens them. There he would see his wife. They would start dancing and he wouldn’t realise that it’s only his imagination. The audience would realise what is going on when her reflection wouldn’t appear in the mirror. He would only later realise what is going on. And I am a bit stuck with what to do next. It would finish very sad with him not getting his redemption which is something that I would rather avoid so maybe him telling her that he’s sorry would in a way give him some peace? I need to think about that ending and come up with an inner monologue for a next week session. I also need to work more on character’s background and start doing some initial drawings and sketches of them.

Personally I’ve been really enjoying these classes and have learnt a lot by now. I really like how fast it help me improve my story as I feel that my previous stories weren’t really entertaining and very flat. Hopefully now I will start writing more interesting stories and characters.


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