Head modelling progress

This is going ot be a rather short post. Recently I’ve started working on my character’s head. After getting a similar shape to what it looked like on the drawings I’ve started modelling eyes and eye sockets.  Here’s few screenshots and renders of what it looks right now. Usually when doing eyes I extrude faces few times, pull some of them back and just play around with them. That’s the technique I’ve used for my previous models of this character so you can see some results in my previous posts on this blog. This time I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve deleted 4 faces and created a polygon pipe instead. It had 8 sides, which is important when I bridge them with the rest of the head model. You can see the result of this on my first screenshot. Eyes still need more work but I think I’m going in the right direction.

newer_average_joe_head1newer_average_joe_head newer_average_joe_head_smooth newer_average_joe_head_smooth2


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