Head modelling progress – mouth and nose

To be honest I should be much more further than I am at this point, but I feel that this  character will be finally finished this week. I spend too much time playing with vertexes and moving them around and at the end I undo everything and come to back to the starting point. I’m still not satisfied with its mouth, maybe adding some edges around would help. In some places his face looks like it’s “stretched” and I’m having problems fixing it. Also it kind of looks like his wearing glasses or googles which isn’t the look I was going for. It especially looked very bad around his nose but I managed to fix it, as you can see on the last picture. I will keep playing with and I think I could do his neck tomorrow and then start doing some blendshapes or rig him.

newer_average_joe_face newer_average_joe_face_side newer_average_joe_face_smooted newer_average_joe_face_smooted2


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