Short progress post

Yesterday I finished my model, or at least I think I did. Had few issues with mirroring geometry(at the end deleting history worked. Too bad I spend almost an hour on trying to figure out what was wrong). His nose isn’t perfect and it looks different to what Andy originally did on his model. Also eyes of my Average Joe turned out to be smaller than there were supposed to be. I feel like I should paint him now, but I want to start working on blend shapes now. Also I’ve decided to use Sketchfab to show my progress, as well as posting few screenshots. However it seems that embedding sketchfab’s models doesn’t work on WordPress, so you still have to click on a link.

newer_average_joe_finished_wireframe newer_average_joe_finished

Not smoothed version:

Average Joe by Kamil
by kmanysiak
on Sketchfab

Smoothed version:

Average Joeby Kamil Smooth
by kmanysiak
on Sketchfab


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