OMOTE – Real-time facial tracking & projection mapping

Project OMOTE is a collaboration between three different artists: Japanese Media Artist Nobumichi Asai, Makeup Artist Hiroto Kuwahara And French Digital Image Engineer Paul Lacroix. As I’m pretty interested in facial animation and facial expressions, I found this project pretty fascinating. There’s something that’s very intriguing but also slightly creepy behind it.

We’ve all probably seen some light projections on buildings(for example Light Night in Nottingham), but this project is different. Instead of projecting media on still objects it does it on human’s face, something that was experimented with in the past but the quality of OMOTE is astonishing. The model is sat just few feet in front of the camera, so it looks like she could be standing in front of us while having a conversation. Before the projection starts her face is being scanned, there are also markers around her face. After that the show begins. Her make up changes flawlessly and the tracking system is very accurate. The only “creppy” part would be her eyes, while they’re being projected on her face they look unnatural and slightly weird.

I’m interested where will this project go next and how could it be used. I can imagine that it could be used in theatre, when it comes to projecting masks on actors faces, but the scanning and mapping part could be used for animation purposes, just as motion capture is used right now.



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