11 second club – February – ideas


Voice One: “See, everything outside of our dimension… that’s eternity. Now, to us, it’s a sphere. But, to them, it’s a circle.”

I haven’t watched the show that this clip is from but it straight away gave me a film noir feel.  I can imagine the main character being a detective in his office talking to a potential client. After listening to it few times it also gave me few different ideas, such as a crazy homeless person talking to a random passer-by on the street, or a professor explaining some theory to his students.

I feel like this could work well with my area of interest, facial animation, as most of it could be done in a medium shot, with some close ups. Also, form the way the character speaks I can tell that he isn’t very expressive when it comes to body language, or gesticulation. He sounds detached, like he isn’t really in that room, maybe he is in shock after some traumatic experience from the past? I think this gives me some room to work with the facial animation and hopefully brining these emotions in my work.

Below you can see the actual scene from “True Detective”, the dialogue in question starts around 1:01.

‘The Secret Fate of All Life’, 2014, True Detective, Series 1, Episode 5 [TV] HBO, 16 February 2014.


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