Another experiment – faceless character

My previous experiments weren’t very successful, I gained some new knowledge and received feedback but there was something missing. My research is about facial animation and how much can it improve the final performance, but first I need to understand how much emotions does a character express only with his body movement. For example, in this short animation, “The Lindy Cubes” characters are very simple, they’re just cubes without any facial features, but it is still very entertaining to watch and keeps the viewer interested.

That’s why this week I picked up a simple, faceless rig, and decided to redo my previous experiments. I am not entirely satisfied with the results, there are still some technical errors and I actually don’t think that picking these stories worked well with that rig. By looking back at it I can see that I could have used more extreme poses. When it comes to my bird watching experiment, it was pointed out to me that I had too many poses in a very short time and it just was not working out, so I tried making it simpler this time. The thing that I feel needs improvement in my animation is getting timing right.



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