11 second club – March

Voice One: “I shouldn’t say this, because I majored in math, but you have my 1,000 percent attention.”
Voice Two: “Wow, that’s a lot! I’m thrilled to hear that! You, I…”
Voice One: “Excuse me one moment. Have you heard from Indonesia? Ok.”


I was struggling with the idea for this month’s competition, couldn’t come up with anything original, but as it’s a good practice I’ve decided to do a standard guy and a girl conversation over lunch. They male character will be somehow arrogant and will ignore his female companion. In my opinion that dialogue can benefit my research, as facial expression will be determinate if the acting is good or not.  I’ve decided to set the scene in Parisian type cafe. I’ve looked at some examples online and then started modelling my scene. As we can see it still needs texturing and some details.

Cafe de Paris

source: wikipedia.org

source: etsy.com

source: etsy.com

source: wikipedia.org

source: wikipedia.org




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