New “Inside Out” trailer

“Inside Out” is a new Pixar’s movie that is coming out this summer. The subject of the movies is close to my research as it tackles the issues of emotions. The main characters are Riley, a girl who just moved to a new city and 5 emotions that are leading her actions. What this trailer reveals is the fact that two important emotions, Joy and Sadness, lose control over her actions and get kicked out from the “control room”. It looks like from that point Anger, Fear and Disgust are going to guide Riley, so I can imagine where this story would be going. They either going to focus on puberty and growing up, as she seems to be a teenager, or go slightly darker route and focus on mental illnesses. Nevertheless I am pretty excited about that movie. I took few screenshots showcasing the facial expressions that characters are having. I’ve noticed how important the asymmetry is, especially when it comes to the eyebrows, character portraying anger is a great example of that.

joy1 joy2

disgust1 disgust2 disgust3anger1 anger2 anger3

It also reminded me of this little short:

And this old Disney, propaganda short, which cleverly tells the audience that they should always follow the reason, and shows how the public can be manipulated by the emotions:


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