11 second club feedback

For the first time I’ve entered my animation into a 11 seconds club competition. It’s a well know internet community of animators. I sued this opportunity for my research and as a chance for an extra practice as well. Unfortunately I didn’t receive as much feedback as I was hoping for. It has been pointed out that the lighting was too bright and when it comes to actual animation and acting I was advised to focus on slow ins and slow outs and having more holds. I have to admit that there was pretty much no acceleration, especially on the male character. Slow in and slow out make the movement look more natural, because nothing moves with the same speed all the time and then drastically stop. Used well they will benefit the animation and make it look more lifelike. What I was trying to achieve was exaggeration in his movement but it turned out to be way over the top and looked more like a pantomime. It was not interesting to look at and the fast movement did not work with the story.

Here’s my entry: http://www.11secondclub.com/competitions/march15/entry/AsJCgm


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