Remodelling of the head

A quick post before the final hand in. As I wasn’t satisfied with my final animation, and my character in general, over the last few weeks I was working on improving it. One of the changes that I did is slightly remodelled character’s head and his face. I’ve also gave him different eyes. As we can see his faces isn’t as “boxy” as it was before. His face looks smoother, at least to me. Removing few edges from his face and keeping it quiet low when it comes to edge count also helped when it came to creating blendshapes, something that I’ve struggled with with the previous model. The eyes bring completely new appeal to the character, actually having an iris makes him look more alive and in my opinion is just more aesthetically pleasing to everyone. Their shape changed as well, as you can see below. They’re much more spherical than before.



Progress: Rigging

Recently I’ve rigged my character using The Set Up Machine. As you can see below I had to tweak few things, such us influences on the skin, so the jacket would act naturally and wouldn’t dissolve in the character’s body. What’s ahead of me is the final animation. I’ve decided to slightly change my story. Now I want to do it in one camera angle and completely focus on characters faces. He’ll be sat by thinking about his past. I want the expressions to be clear to the audience and want the audience to empathise with the character.

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First progress post

So last week I’ve started working on my final project, a short animation in which I’m going to show everything that I’ve learnt about facial animation this year. I’ve got to admit that it’s going a bit slower that I’ve planned, as always I have some issues when modelling character’s head. I should get it fixed by the end of this week. Plan for next week is to have this character finished and show some progress in modelling female character.

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Head modelling progress – mouth and nose

To be honest I should be much more further than I am at this point, but I feel that this  character will be finally finished this week. I spend too much time playing with vertexes and moving them around and at the end I undo everything and come to back to the starting point. I’m still not satisfied with its mouth, maybe adding some edges around would help. In some places his face looks like it’s “stretched” and I’m having problems fixing it. Also it kind of looks like his wearing glasses or googles which isn’t the look I was going for. It especially looked very bad around his nose but I managed to fix it, as you can see on the last picture. I will keep playing with and I think I could do his neck tomorrow and then start doing some blendshapes or rig him.

newer_average_joe_face newer_average_joe_face_side newer_average_joe_face_smooted newer_average_joe_face_smooted2