“The top ten tips for landing your dream CG job” and what do I think about it

Recently I’ve stumbled upon this article, which to be honest should be titled differently. I doubt these are tip that would particularly help me with getting me a dream job, more like useful advices to get a job in the industry. And it seems like people in the comment section seem to agree with my view on it. Any way I still think it was a good and helpful read, even that I knew about  most of them before. As always, when it comes to lists like this, networking is number one, which isn’t a surprise. And that’s something that I definetly struggle with, most of the industry in the UK is based in London, so for someone like me, who is in Nottingham it’s pretty hard to network with people from within the industry. However in this day and age and online presence could also be very beneficial and could help with getting to know the right people. I’ve got a profile on Behance, which I need to update, which would be a great way of showing my work. Another tool that I should use for networking is Linkin, as I’m already on it I need to start improving my network on it.

Aiming for medium and smaller companies is probably a right move for someone who starts in the industry and I’ve already done a small research and a list of companies that I would like to work for in next few years. That was last year, on my old blog but I feel that I could do something similar again. I could reevaluate my choices, see if they’re still as appealing to me as they were last year and add some new companies on that list. It would also cover point 8 on the list from the article, which is getting to know the company that I want to work for.

Becoming a Jack of all trades is I think another tip for getting a job, not a dream job, but again, I think that it’s a good advice for someone starting in the industry as it gives me more chances of finding work, especially in smaller companies. I don’t really agree with working/interning for free, but it’s just how the industry works and I doubt a lot can be changed about it.

I think that what’s this list is missing is a point about having really impressive portfolio that would make an employer hire me. So that would be one of my main goal for an upcoming year – create some high quality work that would make them want to hire me over someone else. Especially as the industry gets more competitive with each year. I think one aspect of creating something impressive is to make it original, there’s no point of trying to copy Pixars style, especially if the company that I would be applying for does stuff that are completely different. So this kind of goes with knowing the studio that I would want to work for.

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