Adobe’s Character Animator and what does it mean for the industry

Few days ago Adobe released a video in which they present their latest software to the public. It’s called Character Animator and it’s able to motion track the head movements and facial expressions. One of its main advantages is how easy is it to rig a character. It’s also clear that it’s rather targeted at hobbyists, small corporate projects and maybe schools. I can’t imagine it being used in a professional environment on a big project. The software itself isn’t really an animation program, as it’s rather a motion capture software. It raises a question if this can be still called animation if no one is actually doing any animation. Purists would probably argue that it’s not, as the animation is an art form and there’s not a lot of art going on in motion capture. They could fear that it will make damage the industry, make it look as something easy to do and cause some jobs to disappear, but people had similar worries when CGI was becoming a big deal. I can’t imagine using any of the animation principles in that software, so at the end the result would be rather poor. But maybe that’s not the case? This software could be used during the planning and testing phase, if I was available now I would probably use it in my research as I can see a very little alternative for a motion capture of the face.